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David Crow’s Weather Forecast

  • Forecast for the Southern Lakes and Central Otago up until Saturday 29th April. - April 25, 2017
    A large anticyclone with centres west of Auckland and south of the Chatham Islands covers New Zealand.   A deep, tropical depression is now well out to the east of the North Island and moving further away eastwards.    A trough of low pressure which covered southeastern Australia is now moving into the western Tasman Sea while a north to northwesterly airstream ahead of it should move onto the south of the South Island by later today.    A depression should develop in the Tasman Sea tomorrow and move towards the South Island while a slow moving but active front will move onto the Southland coast later tomorrow.   Forecast for the Southern Lakes and Central Otago for today is for areas of low cloud at first otherwise a fine, sunny day with northerly winds freshening and mild temperatures.   Maximum temperatures recorded yesterday were Queenstown 16.3 degrees,   Wanaka 17.9 degrees,   Kinloch 17.5 degrees,   Arrowtown 15.8 degrees.    Forecast upper level winds for today at 1000 metres northerly rising to 40 kph in the morning.   At 2000 metres northwesterly rising to gale 65 kph this morning.   Freezing level above 3000 metres.     Forecast maximum temperatures for today for Queenstown and Kingston 19 degrees.   For Glenorchy, Wanaka and Cromwell 20 degrees.   For Alexandra 21 degrees.   Tomorrow and Friday cloudy with widespread rain about the western ranges, heavy at times and occasional rain elsewhere.   Northerly winds becoming strong and gale force in exposed areas.   Saturday general rain with fresh northwesterlies and becoming cooler.            

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