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David Crow’s Weather Forecast

  • Forecast for the Southern Lakes and Central Otago up until Saturday 18th May. - May 14, 2019
    A large anticyclone covers southeastern Australia, the north Tasman Sea and stretches over Northland.     A weak frontal system is slow moving over the Waikato.    A further cold front is moving up the coastal areas of Marlborough.    Yet further fronts lie over Stewart Island and Foveaux Strait and will cross the Southern Lakes and Central Otago this afternoon.     A strong west to southwesterly airstream covers the central and south Tasman Sea and the South Island.   Pressures are very low to the south of the South Island.   Forecast for the Southern Lakes and Central Otago for today is for cloudy to overcast skies with occasional rain but a few dry periods as well.   Weather clearing this evening.    West to southwesterly winds freshening this morning and gale about exposed areas.   Moderate to cool temperatures.   Maximum temperatures recorded yesterday were Queenstown 11.7 degrees.    Wanaka 12.9 degrees.   Kinloch 11.1 degrees.   Arrowtown 13.3 degrees.     Forecast upper level winds for today at 1000 metres westerly 50 kph rising to gale 80 kph this morning, then easing to southwest 50 kph in the evening.    At 2000 metres westerly gale 75 kph, rising to severe gale 95 kph for a time in the morning and afternoon.    Freezing level 1400 metres morning and evening, but rising to around 1800 meters during the day.   Tomorrow and through until Saturday cloudy with isolated showers about the western ranges.   Strong west or southwesterly winds, gale in exposed areas.   Cool to moderate temperatures.    

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